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Purely for the reason that I am so bored that I am at my wit’s end AND that due to the lucky fact I don’t live in outer Mongolia and therefore Google Images is readily available, I have selected the most amusing pictures of tennis players.

It’s at this point that you begin to say   ‘ But my friend, there is nothing amusing about tennis.  It is a fine game’.  And while the latter part may be true, to the first, I say, ‘O contraire’.  We all love our tennis players and the endless hours of entertainment they give us,  but when those feisty fellas are playing in the heat of the moment, their facial expressions are comedy gold. I have selected the best and after chortling to myself for a few minutes, put them up on ”this here noble blog”.

Andy Roddick
                        Oh A-Rod…

Taylor Dent serves and scares simultaneously


Keeping an eye on the ball


His Cypriot fans don't love him for nothing


This dude is not even a tennis player and I don't even know his name but i just love this!








After more giggling, I think the winner is A-Rod, or maybe Baghdatis, or the table tennis chap… Oh it’s useless they’re all too damn funny!

Until next time bloggos…..peace out!